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The FREE Comprehensive Energy Audit

  • Blower door test to determine air infiltration rates and sources
  • Combustion appliance test (heating systems and water heaters) to check for adequate draft
  • Inspection of all combustion appliances to check carbon monoxide (CO) levels
  • Gas leak detection
  • Visual inspection of home looking for moisture issues, structural damage
  • Insulation inspection to determine heat loss sources
  • Tests to measure distribution system (ductwork) efficiency, if applicable
  • Lighting and electric analysis for usage reduction

FREE Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Solutions - Dutchess County NY

Your smartest, straightest path to energy savings, improved indoor air quality and comfort begins with a home energy audit. Energy Assessments (also called energy audits) are the first step in upgrading your home’s performance. To accurately design a home energy efficiency upgrade plan suited to your needs, we must first diagnose the current state of your home. Then using principles of building science we recommend a unique upgrade plan customized to fulfill your needs.

A home energy audit is a comprehensive series of inspections, tests and measurements performed by our BPI-certified (Building Performance Institute) auditors to objectively assess how much energy your home is actually using. It also evaluates indoor air quality and enables the auditor to identify the steps you can then take to improve fuel efficiency, and control energy costs.

A certified audit by an experienced Construction Pros auditor entails wall-to-wall, attic-to-basement inspections on the interior of your home, as well as foundation-to-roof inspections on the outside. Your auditor will use specialized detection equipment such as a blower door monitor to measure the true extent of heat or cooling loss in your home, and an infrared camera to reveal specific areas of air leaks, missing insulation and other sources of ongoing energy loss.

What is a Home Energy Assessment? from Conservation Services Group CSG on Vimeo.